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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Monsters Inc


The best way to describe this movie in one word is; fun! "Monsters, Inc." is a movie you can easily fall in love with. It has some great fun character, some awesome moments and some well placed comical moments. "Monsters, Inc." is entertainment at its bests.

The voice cast is amazing. John Goodman and Billy Crystal form a great leading duo. Steve Buscemi is a great villain and James Coburn has a great voice that fits his character perfectly. John Ratzenberger as always is very entertaining this time in a role as banished Yeti.

The story itself is pretty simple but thats what makes it easy to follow and so much fun to watch. The movie not only knows how to entertaining but also knows how and when to emote. The combination of fun and emotional things is perfectly balanced and placed within the movie.

There is some great dialog but the true power of "Monsters, Inc." are the wonderful characters. Not is there only a wild variety of strange and weird characters but also some characters that are good for some serious laughs and Boo is simply adorable and a pretty fair representation of a kid in real life. Well done Pixar!

Pure entertainment for the entire family!



  1. Great movie, I love it when I was young!

  2. Amazing movie, looking forward to the prequel.

  3. Ahhh Monsters Inc, I got a huge kick out of watching that.

  4. I'm going to watch it tonight. ;)

  5. I actually watched this first in German class in German of course. Kinda wierd

    My nephew loves the movie though. He loves the blue monster

  6. Watched it when I was a kid, still love it.

  7. Ha, I remember this movie. Man I feel old.

  8. I agree 10/10 loved that movie